Beginning 14 January 2022

Resource your heart by dancing in community with the Elemental Chambers of the Heart:

EARTH & AWAKENING - ground and holding with the instinct of the heart in the awake, alert, eyes open body.
FIRE & INTEGRITY - heat, light and expression with the muscle of the heart, protection, courage and commitment.
WATER & SURRENDER - releasing and inviting the water to wash us, trusting and letting go into the river of our heart.
AIR & GRATITUDE - lightness, breath and permission, welcoming the heart’s natural joy, generosity and curiosity.
LOVE/ETHER & GRACE - space, the vast unknown and the place of radical inclusion, we move, in simplicity, with the crunchy and the smooth.
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Pricing options

There are several options on amount, please decide which is right for you depending on your means. If you are able to pay the higher amount this will support Rosie to offer several bursary places to those that really need it.
The instalments price includes an online payment fee charged by the site.
If you really want to join but the lower price is problematic please email [email protected] confidentially to request a bursary place.

6 Live Sessions beginning 14.01.22

Each session is live on zoom from 10.30am-1pm (UK time) and lasts 2.5 hours. You will be given access to audio recordings of every session to revisit if you wish to.

    1. Session One framing and questions

    2. Session One Dance Arrival and Landing in Body, Mesa practice

    3. Session Two framing and questions

    4. Session Two - Earth & Awakening

    5. Session Three - framing and questions

    6. Session Three - Fire & Integrity

    7. Session Four framing and questions/thoughts

    8. Session Four - Water & Surrender

    9. Session Five framing and questions/thoughts

    10. Session Five - Air & Gratitude

    11. Session Six framing and questions/thoughts

    12. Session Six - Space/Ether & Grace

About this course

  • £180.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content