Movement as Medicine

Exploring the landscapes of body heart and mind: when we move our bodies our hearts awaken, when we integrate this with the focus of our minds, engaging with what is happening, life becomes rich and open. This dance based movement meditation practice reconnects you to the wisdom of inhabiting your heart and the liberation of knowing and trusting who you are and what you have to bring to this world. Movement Medicine blends physical, spiritual, therapeutic and shamanic understanding and is deeply rooted in our connection to the natural word and the cycles of life. This is a dance meditation practice for the times we live in, bringing support and expression to body, heart and mind.

Support for life

Let the life of the dance feed the dance of your life

  • enjoy the freedom of your moving body

  • dance with and between your internal and external awareness

  • integrate the wider web of life and remember the resource of the elements we are made from

  • connect with others and experience being accompanied in movement

  • find more safety in the body as proven by neuroscience

  • awaken and surrender to the intelligence of the moving body

Want to get in the room and access the joy of dancing with a group?

For all Rosie's studio based Movement Medicine workshops, courses and classes full information can be found here. You can also read more about Movement Medicine, Rosie and her workshops dancing with grief as a source of life.