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Movement Medicine weaves the liberation of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding and the intelligence of nature-based, systemically aware practice. It is a trauma informed modality that supports us to explore our humanity with compassion, creativity and curiosity. Dancing is a remarkably efficient way to process life, traverse our emotions, and get to know ourselves better.

Have a look around and see what inspires you. My intention for this online platform is to make it accessible and useful to all dancers. Whether you are new to Movement Medicine and curious to give it a try, or a long term practitioner looking for input and a safe place to study and practice. The Awakening recordings include a free introductory session and there's a video of me introducing myself and how I work so you can check things out before jumping in. For now there are limited courses on here but over time many more will be added. If at any point you wish to see (or return to) the full Dance Scapes website just click on the header logo and it will take you there. Thanks for joining me here - Rosie
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  • Pre-Recorded Courses & Sessions

    From 20 minute sessions to a full course of eight 75 minute sessions. Explore the benefits of Movement Medicine as a practice for this time.

  • One to One Sessions Online

    Book a free 20 minute exploratory session. Rosie works online with people across the globe in a range of capacities. From professional mentoring to personal body based process support.

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    Join a six week group online through zoom. Get the benefit of community connection and live interaction with Rosie and other participants.

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The proof of the pudding ...

Heart in Motion Online

Jen Levin

Over the six weeks we were taken through an immersive journey of the heart and what it is to be human, dancing with being comfortable in our discomfort and being with what is in each moment. Rosie creates an incredibly safe space, which allows participants an expanse of self-discovery above and beyond what may be anticipated. She brings an authenticity and vulnerability in her facilitation. As such, a door is opened through which we can follow to explore the foundations of our own hearts. This course is deeply nourishing, healing and an anchoring way forward in the turbulence of our times.

Individual Sessions


There is something very unique in Rosie's way of being and working which I see as very balanced, no-nonsense, down to earth. If I would paint it, it would be a rather abstract painting with a lot of space/silence and clear, gentle lines, stripped away from too much, as simple, clear and beautiful as the reality of rose petals landed on the earth. Welcoming colours, embracing everything and including all that appears in the movement or stuckness of the moment. Her calm, grounded presence in combination with a focused, steady determination gives me time and space to learn to feel safe to listen and trust what is true for me, to learn to stay with what is and the opportunity to go as deep as I feel is possible in that moment. The support I receive ripples through and step by step, I can feel how things are changing...

Heart in Motion Online

Alice Holmes

Such a transformative and beautiful course. I felt so held and supported and seen. It has been a beautiful introduction to Movement Medicine and I feel so much potential in the practice. Thank you for holding such a safe space

Ashes and Blossom Online

Claire Renard

Honouring all that we have shared, with so much depth, loving kindness & creativity. Thank you Rosie for your holding. I felt the safety of strong boundaries, but pliant as willow, and the real loving care you offer, the balance between the Yin & Yang, internal mother & father weaving together.